Moving to Petaluma with kids

i don't know much about petaluma, i was hoping to get some advice from this forum on what type of community this is. is it diverse? is it very remote? are there asian indians living in the area? what type of people make up - is it professionals? I am in the software industry, and my spouse is an engineer , and it's important for us that our kids be among like minded educated folks (ie, parents) so they are inspired. I grew up in a city in philly, and it was a very low income city, and it was a struggle because the kids in school (and I went to a private one!) just didn't care, and the parents were working class struggling, and didn't have the time/attention to their kids. I want to avoid that with my kids. 

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Hi,  Petaluma has a great downtown as well as shopping centers.  There are neighborhoods that feel remote and others that have lots of families and are close to amenities.  It's very family friendly (festivals, parades, concerts in the park, farmer's markets, after school activities and pre and post care, schools score around an 8 on Great Schools and there is a gifted program).  I wouldn't consider it a low income city.  A starter home would cost around $700,000.  There are many professionals that live there and a lot of people commute into SF from there.  You can google demographics (or check out  I work for a company that helps families figure out where to move around the Bay Area.  You can sign up to speak with me on our website if you'd like to discuss Petaluma or anywhere else in the Bay Area.