Personal Stylist/Shopper for mid-life

Looking to change professional fields requires me to be more visible. My highly-edited east bay wardrobe isn't ready for that and I need some help. I'm looking for someone who can collaborate with me (I already have a strong aesthetic preference) to expand my sartorial palate so I'm not agonizing about what to wear. Any recommendations?

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Hello, congratulations on your new role! I am not sure if it is still offered but Nordstrom in Walnut Creek previously had personal shoppers who were wonderful and helpful and no additional charge.

Not sure of what your aesthetic and style is but two places I love to shop are Boden and JCrew for our together but age appropriate outfits and have found that they often have similar styles season to season in some staples and I can build upon that. Boden can be a little expensive but they have great sales!

Best of luck! 

I suggest Stitch Fix.  It's a light weight version, not as deep as what you describe but it really helped me get past some middle age rut stuff.  They are careful about sending whole outfits if that's what you want and you can try everything on at home.  You can send detailed notes about what you like/don't like and want/don't want.  It's easy.  I found it when I was thinking of maybe getting a personal stylist too but didn't know how to find a good one and how the whole thing would work.

Can I suggest a capsule wardrobe? Makes life super simple and you really won’t need a stylist!

I worked with Kat at StyleKouncil (her business):
I'd never done anything like this and generally have no style, but she helped me pick out clothes I could use for all my business travel (public speaking, client dinners), and things I'd actually feel good wearing out in "real life." I didn't fully appreciate it until 6mo-1year after when I realized how often I was wearing the pieces she'd helped me pick out. She also made me feel more confident picking items that I could get a lot of use out of, matching shirts and skirts, etc. It's been 4 years since I worked with her and I am STILL wearing some of those pieces! (I may need to have her do a refresh at some point ha!) Good luck and have fun!