Personal chef needed

For busy, health conscious Berkeley family. Would love your refreshed recommendations 

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After 20 years of being the family chef, the pandemic put me over the edge. I threw down my apron, signed up with Elyse Bekins of Vita Kitchen (, and haven't looked back. Elyse isn't *quite* a personal chef--Vita is more of a meal delivery service than a chef who cooks for your family individually--but I think her service would be worth your looking into. Elyse prepares health-conscious, tasty, attractive and varied food, and provides a decent degree of customization. Other benefits to her service: Zero waste, frictionless delivery, and excellent communication. Please tell Elyse I recommended Vita!

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I highly recommend of Chef Ikeena Hardman of Keena's Kitchen.  I have had first-hand experience with her and can vouch that her meals are organic and delicious!  She's creative in the kitchen and listens well to serve her clients' needs.

Keena's Kitchen

PH: (510) 842-6849
Personal Chef Inquiries: personalchef [at]