In Person Piano Teacher for 14 Year Old in Albany or Berkeley


My daughter has been doing online piano lessons for about 1.5 years now. She started out as a beginner learning online - had no previous experience. Though we love her current online teacher, I think she would greatly benefit from an in person piano teacher, which she has never tried. She uses the Piano Town series and is on Level 2.

We welcome any recommendations for teachers in the Albany/Berkeley area. Thank you

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I enthusiastically and wholeheartedly recommend Molly Smart, a long-time music educator who is now exclusively teaching private lessons. She is patient, kind, supremely talented as both a musician and as a teacher, well versed in technique and theory, and can meet any student at any level from absolute beginner to professional. She was my colleague in a small school and I saw first hand the magic she could weave with students who came to her with no experience and students who were aiming for a music degree. There are scores of parents and students in the Bay Area who can provide glowing references for Molly. And, she taught me how to play bass guitar. I have not one speck of musical talent anywhere in my DNA, and I learned to play with a band. She can be contacted by email, mollysmart AT, and please contact me if you'd like more information or a direct introduction.