Person or company to make a T-Shirt Quilt


We'd like to have a t-shirt quilt made from some of our daughter's childhood memory t-shirts.  Can anyone recommend a local person (or company) who can do this?  (or if you didn't find a local company, but used a mail service, which did you use?)   We are looking for someone to design and sew the quilt, from t-shirts we provide.  If you have made use of such a person or company, how much did it cost?  Thanks for any advice or recommendations you can provide. 

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Try Quilt Mamas.

I used project repat online. It was very easy. They have deals all the time. I was very happy with the product. 

The Cotton Patch is a quilting store in Lafayette on Brown Street.  They may be able to help you find someone.  FWIW: I made one of these myself, as a graduation gift for my son.  I am not particularly crafty, though I learned to sew straight seams on a machine in Home Economics under duress in Junior HIgh School in 1971 (ah, the days before Title 9...) and do have a (very ancient) sewing machine.  I cut the shirts, made equal-sized panels with each, and then sewed the panels together with a strip between them.  I paid someone I found at the Cotton Patch to do the quilting and finishing.  It is not perfectly done, but the imperfections are part of the charm.   It's really not hard to do.  I could show you the quilt, show you how to do the panels, and lend you my machine if you want to give it a try.   

What a sweet idea!

I'd recommend talking to the folks at Hello Stitch. It's a new sewing studio on University and they do a lot of quilting (classes, custom projects, etc). They have beautiful quilt projects on display all the time...

I had a t shirt quilt made by a fabulous woman in Berkeley - believe it or not her last name is quilter. I don't have her phone but her email is melissaquilts [at]  She made a t shirt quilt for my daughter when she graduated from college and truly the quilt is so fantastic! She was easy to work with and the price- although higher than I expected to pay- was actually lower than anyone else I contacted w the product being truly memorable.