Pediatrician/Ob - expecting first baby

Hi everyone,

My husband and I just moved to Marina bay from SF, and expecting our first baby in June. Does anyone have a recommendation for a pediatrician in the area, in the Sutter Health network? Also interested if anyone has an Ob/Gyn they like?

Thanks in advance!


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BPMG Berkeley Pediatric Medical Group next the corner of Virginia and Shattuck in Berkeley.  They have a website.  We like Dr. Franks and Dr. Kalar but almost any of the docs are fine zi would guess.

Thanks for the info! We ended up selecting Dr. Petra Landman at the Milvia practice for now, recommended by someone in yoga. I will keep the names below in mind too - just in case. 

I very much enjoyed my OB on kid #2, Dr. Attia Kadri. She was particularly good in two respects: in handling follow up testing, when one prenatal test indicated serious issues, and in communicating efficiently with me when I needed to travel abroad for work. She is part of a large practice, so I ended up meeting many of the female OBs in the Sutter team, and was generally pleased. I love our pediatrician, Dr. Grace So from Berkeley Pediatrics, but do not believe she is taking new patients.