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I'm looking for Pediatrician recommendations for my 1-year-old who accept Anthem Blue Cross of California PPO in Berkeley.


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We are very happy with Dr. Karen Schiffman. She is always very straightforward, upfront, and honest. You can check with her if they take your insurance.

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We go to east bay pediatrics and see Dr. Miller (although all of the doctors are wonderful) and they accept Anthem Blue Cross.

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Hi Praneeth,

My name is Sandy.  I'm a mom of a one year old.  Our pediatrician is Dr. Annemary Franks at Berkeley Pediatrics.  Dr. Franks is a very warm, caring and understanding doctor.  I highly highly recommend her.  Here are some examples of her being one of a kind:

a. at the hospital after I delivered the baby, she came for a well visit and knew that I was having an emotional day, she hugged me without asking me too much

b. she's called me the day she received test results on my baby even if its 8 pm at night because she knew we would be worried

c. she's always listened to my concerns with compassion and empathy


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We go to Kiwi pediatrics
They are very nice and accept that that insurance

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Annemary Franks (our doctor) Berkeley Pediatrics.