Pediatrician for ASD kid in Oakland

Looking for a pediatrician in Oakland who understands kids with autism and will not take their behaviors personal, annoying, etc. 

Our pediatrician retired and he was amazing. Totally understood our child, never judged, but actually made us feel that his behaviors were not a big deal for him.

The new doctor who took over his patients constantly makes us feel that our son is more of a nuisance than a child with ASD. 

Looking for recommendations in Oakland but will go to Alameda, Berkeley, or San Leandro for a kind, caring, and compassionate pediatrician.

Parent Replies

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Our experiences with Dr. Katya Gerwein and really ALL the clinicians at Berkeley Bayside Medical have been great. Our older child has ADHD, but what I have always admired about Dr. Gerwein, even before diagnosis or even a sense of our child's difference, is that her approach is non-judgmental and patient. Every time we've seen other providers there (Dr. Boal, Dr. Linn, etc.) we've been very impressed.

Are you looking for a general pediatrician? If so, we use Dr. Tracy Evans-Ramsey ( She has always been supportive of our son and never judgmental.

If you are talking about a development pediatrician, we've loved working with Dr. Brad Berman (