Pediatrician and Pediatric Dentist recommendation needed

Hello parents/guardians,

We live in Albany but are open to providers in Albany, El Cerrito, Berkeley, Kensington and Northern parts of Oakland.

We had an amazing Pediatrician who went into early retirement.  The new doctor is great but her front office staff is incompetent, rude and untrustworthy - great combination!  We are looking for recommendations for a great doctor who has great office staff as well.

Our child has been seen by dentists at Alameda Pediatric Dentistry since age 1.  They moved their office closer to Lake Merritt, so it's even further for us to get to. 

Looking for great providers who are backed up by great front office staff.

Is there such a combination anymore?

Please help!

Parent Replies

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I love both our pediatrician and pediatric dentist! Though they are individual providers.

  • Pediatrician: Jennifer Miller (East Bay Pediatrics, they have offices in Orinda and Berkeley). She may not be accepting new patients though
  • Pediatric Dentist: Hercules Kids Dentistry, either doctor, they're both great. Located in Hercules.

Hope they work out for you!

We've had a great experience with Olivia Lang at Berkeley Pediatrics. We've only been seeing her for a few months with our baby but we are happy so far - the only issue is that sometimes we wait a bit to see her but we've liked Dr. Lang a lot as well as other doctors we've seen there.

Our child has been seen by Dr. Lisa Swearingen since I was pregnant and the day he was born (Sutter East Bay on Milvia). She's great and is accessible via email as well, but also didn't rush our visits. She also is very practical in her stance, which we also appreciate since my partner and I have an extensive background in medical sciences.

When our child was about 2, we took him for his first dental visit with Dr. Nick (Nicholas Ching) located in Albany/El Cerrito, and it was a very warm place! He had one other visit prior to COVID and will be going back for his next visit next month. Something else I like about this office is that they bill insurance first and then send us a bill (sometimes) afterwards so we aren't paying like $500 upfront for a child's dental visit. We really love both of these providers and feel that they are very good at working with kids and their caregivers =) 

I feel the same way about needing great front office staff! We have been happy with Dr. Nick at Children's Dentistry in El Cerrito and the front office staff are competent and professional and there's low staff turnover.

Thank you everyone for your input!  Super helpful!