Pediatric therapist near Alameda for 10YO with OCD

I am moving to Alameda this summer and am looking for a therapist who uses CBT and specializes in OCD and/or anxiety. My child is 10 and our ideal therapist would also have experience with high-performance athletes (but that's certainly not a requirement). 

Thank you!

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Hi, OCD is a specialty and it's best to find a therapist that specializes in it. You might try the Gateway Institute. There's a local one, though we had gone to the one in So Cal. There's also a family support group through it. The next OCD virtual conference is 4/30 and it has a track for clients, families, providers, etc. We have been on this journey for the past 2 years and there is so much to learn. There's a good book called When A Family Member has OCD by Hershfield. It's been really helpful.

Good luck, stay strong and compassionate. 

Recommend Jonathan Barkin in the Oakland area.  He's got everything you are looking for (except no visibility into the athlete side.)  His practice is right about Market Hall and convenient to the Rockridge BART station.