Pediatric sleep study at home?

I'm looking for a provider that will do a pediatric sleep study using an at-home sleep kit, rather than staying in the sleep center overnight.  Children's Hospital & UCSF only do it in-center.  Stanford will do the at-home test but we would still have to go to Redwood City for the appt, so I'm just looking around to see if anywhere closer to Berkeley-ish areas will do a pediatric at-home sleep study.  Any suggestions?

Thanks very much! 

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Ill be curious to see the responses.  We did a sleep study for my teen at home and then overnight.  The difference was profound.  The home was a halter system, which came loose, but the overnight was very very technical.  She had many health issues related to her undiagnosed severe sleep apnea. I was surprised that they also had infants at the overnight study and really wished that we had had that offered.  

Long story short. She finally had surgery for a deviated septum after many many years of struggles.  

Wishing you well

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It's my understanding that there really is no at-home substitute for a proper sleep-center overnight study. Have you seen a photo of all the leads, sensors, and monitors used? You couldn't duplicate that at home. I understand the hesitancy (parents don't think their child will actually sleep during the study), but of all the sleep study reports I read in my line of work, very few have insufficient REM time to give a formal result. It's just one night.