Pediatric OT needed northern Marin

We’re looking for an Occupational Therapist for my 10 year old daughter in northern Marin.  One with great gym setup for heavy input exercise and core work ideal.  My daughter knows her sensory diet so would be a great regular client for an OT. My daughter loves OT- zipline and impossible obstacle courses- we just don’t have the resources to provide her with this input... 

Anyways- any recommendations would be so appreciated!!  Thx in advance!  

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Pediatric OT chiming in here, I do not know of anyone to recommend in that area but now that she is older, I’m wondering if looking into kids CrossFit or martial arts classes, maybe some kind of circus arts class or rock climbing might be a nice supplement to OT as well? That is wonderful she knows her sensory diet and is building intrinsic knowledge of her unique sensory needs!