Pediatric OT?

Hi - 

We need to get our preschooler some pediatric OT for mild sensory issues and self-regulation. 

We hard of Full Circle OT several times, but they have disconnected their phone.

We've tried a couple of other OTs who come recommended (Le-Anne, Liz Isono) but would like to speak with others. 

Does anyone have an email contact for Full Circle or know their status? Additionally, are there other OTs that preschool parents would recommend for sensory/self-regulation issues? We don't care about in-network.


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You might try checking out Kristine Hubner at Kids Moving Ahead, in Orinda. My son went to her for a year in preschool, and he became so much more comfortable in his body. My son loved her, and her office has an incredible outdoor space. Good luck!

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CPMC Kalmanovitz Children’s Center in SF

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My son saw Hannah Beggan at Full Circle and we noticed a difference in his mobility within days. Her contact info is 415 710-5798. I believe some of the OT's from Full Circle (including Hannah) are working outdoors.

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Hi, I was an OT at Full Circle. We closed the clinic due to Covid, but have created a smaller in home clinic in Oakland. Feel free to reach out to me and I can connect you with the appropriate member of our therapists. Otherwise, best of luck with everything!

Nov 2021 update: Full Circle has re-opened at the same location and can be reached at 510.250.9164 or FCCOT [at] (F)CCollectiveOT [at]

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After conducting a similar search, we recently decided to go with Nan Arkwright (A Hop, Skip, and a Jump Ahead) for an initial evaluation followed by weekly sessions. She is currently seeing children out of her home (open air garage) in Walnut Creek. Unlike many of the local pediatric OTs we spoke with, Nan seemed more focused on behavioral issues stemming from challenges with sensitivity/self-regulation vs. sensory processing disorder. This was a much better fit for us/my son.

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Hi, I don't have any recommendations but I'm in the same place as you are and would like to keep following the responses. Best of luck!

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My daughter is older, but we've been using Kelli Howie

She has a great deal of experience with preschoolers and works at one. With us, she is working outside and distanced. She is able to find creative things to help my daughter, I am not sure how COVID has impacted her work with younger children.

Good luck!