Pediatric Gastroenterologist for Teen

Do you have a recommendation for a pediatric gastroenterologist who is most importantly, great at diagnosing complex cases, and preferably, knowledgeable about recent research about healing the gut (diet, supplements etc).  Has anyone worked with Dr Gleghorn and if so, what was your experience?  Has she or other GI docs worked well for your teen/child?  Thank you! 

Parent Replies

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Dr Gleghorn helped us figure out what was going on with my then 8 year old daughter. I found her to be thorough with good instincts. She figured it out right away but then did tests to back up her hunch. We are now working with her on a new issue, and I have every confidence she will be able to help us figure it out.  

I don't recommend Dr. Gleghorn. We used her for years and made no progress at all. Our pre-teen/teen was suffering so badly from IBS that they missed months of school. We ended up using a different Pediatric GI,through Stanford Childrens and Lucille Packard Health It was 5 years ago for us, and we had a good experience with this Doc, but I can't remember her name. She referred us to an amazing therapist, Mindy Szelap510-394-5670. Mindy can point you in the right direction. After seeing the right GI, who, among other things, recommended getting an endoscopy, our kid got significantly better. The procedure itself reset our kids brain somehow. Our doc explained that sometimes the brain can be reset from anaesthesia, something we didn't take lightly, and we were lucky that as soon as our kid woke up, for the first time in months, wasn't in pain. She also recommended the true cure: Mindy Slezap, amazing therapist who specializes in Chronic illnesses, specifically stomach and gut issues, Mindy will definitely know the name of the GI docs that refer her. That whole GI group is good.... Best of luck. Been there!!!

I love Dr. Gleghorn.  She just received Children's Hospital's highest doctor award last year.  She really listens and helps you figure out your issue.  I've been working with her for years now with my child and will be so sorry when we age out.

Our teeenage child sees Dr. Sabina Ali at Children's hospital in Oakland, same department as Dr. Gleghorn.  Dr Ali is great.  We also have heard that most doctors there are good.  I would advise additional research on your part regarding Dr, Gleghorn.  Gastro issues can be really hard to diagnose and treat.  It took years to get the diagnosis and another 9 months to get a really effective treatment, as we had to step our way up from front-line treatment until we got to ones that work.  Don't give up & best wishes!