Pay rate for live-in nanny?

What is the current going (pay) rate for a live-in nanny?  Primarily for care of an infant, but occasional care of toddler as well. 

Any experience/advice you have for recently working with a live-in nanny would be appreciated.

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RE: Pay rate for live-in nanny? ()

For an all day/night nurse for an infant, we just paid $300-350. 

RE: Pay rate for live-in nanny? ()

BPN moderator here. Very few parents employ a live-in nanny, at least not in the east bay. In BPN's 2021 nanny survey, only one respondent reported having a live-in nanny, so not a good sample, and that is consistent with previous surveys we've done. Your best bet might be to contact local nanny agencies to find out pay ranges.  Here is previous advice on BPN about live-in nannies.