Passing the RICA

Hi - I'm looking for recommendations for classes or tutors to help pass the RICA. I'm dyslexic and am a student teacher in a special ed classroom, and have completed all the coursework and passed all other standardized tests needed for a teaching credential, but have not yet passed this test and have now taken it three times.Any helpful suggestions would be most appreciated.  Thank you in advance.

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Do you think extra time would help? You could get testing to show the impact of dyslexia on your performance and qualify for extra time or a different format that would enable you to work to your ability. Please feel free to message me for details if you would like to learn more.

RE: Passing the RICA ()

Hi,  I sympathize with your struggles with the RICA. It can be an overwhelming test to study for. I'm mildly dyslexic and found reading all the test prep material to be very overwhelming. I ended up finding a video series on youtube that talked through the study material. Hearing someone explain it made all the difference for me. I used the series of videos here: 

I also second looking to see if you qualify for extra test time. Best of luck!