Part-time work in the Bay Area?

Hi all -  I was laid off from my tech job (Project Manager) in October, and also happen to be due with our second kid in April. I've been relentlessly job searching with no luck so far. My husband recently let me know that, if possible, he would like one of us to stay home with the kids at least part-time - he doesn't like the idea of daycare raising them. I'm less bothered by this, but open to staying home part-time as long as I can keep working also (he makes more money than me, so that part makes sense, and we need at least 1.5 incomes to stay in the Bay - not to mention my desire to keep up on experience and adult time). I want to clarify that he offered to stay home, but that would mean we'd have to move away, which I'd rather not do.

Anyway, there's the backstory. My question is: does anyone have any ideas or experience working part-time and parenting at home part-time here? We live in Oakland. I like Project Management, and I am sure my skills there could translate into any number of similar part-time jobs, but I just don't know where to start. Maybe Real Estate? Kind of at a loss!

Thanks in advance!

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I started a part-time staff job at UC Berkeley when my now middle schooler was in early elementary school after freelancing in media for a number of years. I’m now in a full time role in a different department. I found the work-life balance of a part-time job to be a great fit while parenting a young kid. Although you would probably make more in the private sector, the UC benefits and the job stability are great, You can check the UC Berkeley Jobs site for part-time gigs. 

In my experience the best way to work part time in a lucrative job is to transition from a full time role in the company (which means spending a couple years there full time). I’ve worked part time as a Project Manager in real estate and construction, but I’ve never found a part time role. I’ve come in full time then down shifted. Or come in in a consulting capacity for a few days a week. In both cases, I’ve had to work on my days off occasionally. I would think tech is more flexible than real estate and construction?

I think it would be hard to find a lucrative role that would allow you to fully commit to childcare on the off days. Part of what makes it lucrative is the availability to flex the days to meet business needs. At least in the roles I’ve had. I also always charged hourly for hours worked in these roles. Do not commit to a part time “salaried” role - that’s just a recipe for working full time for less money.

I started working part time when possible after having kids. I have never used my time off to take care of the kids - we had full time childcare until they were old enough to entertain themselves / be left alone. I used the time off to take care of everything else - errands, appointments, cooking, cleaning, dropping kids at sports practice (but not staying with them), etc. This allowed me a lot of flexibility in the type of work I could do - and gave me a spot to negotiate from when I asked for part time hours. If your goal is more to stay home with kids vs maintain a career and your sanity, this might not be the right approach for you.

You say your spouse is the one interested in forgoing childcare. Can he flex to a part time role instead so you can go full time? I get paid more per hour when I’m part time and waive health benefits because I’m on my spouse’s insurance - it results in a surprisingly small difference in annual take home pay. Just a thought.