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I've been researching French immersion or French-American preschools lately. Most only seem to offer full-day schedules, which seem a bit much for a 3-year-old. Whether it's Ecole Bilingue, Les Petits Francophones or ISTP, none offer a partial time schedule (for instance mornings). The only one I've found is Jeu d'Enfant in Los Altos (, which operates 3 days a week from 9 am to 12 am. Has anybody had any experience with that preschool, or know of another that offers a partial time program?

Thank you for any suggestion you may have

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Oo-la-la!  Unless you live pretty close to this pre-school, it doesn't make sense to send your child there, given how long the drive times would be from Berkeley/Oakland.

You might do just as well to hire a French-speaking college student for some childcare and do things like singing French songs and looking at children's books in French.  Supplement with some children's programming from French-speaking Canada or France, and make a French meal together once a week, even if it's just croissants and omelets.

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Have you considered a home-based preschool? You didn't say where you live but there are a number of small French-speaking daycare/preschools in the East Bay - use the search on BPN - choose Language=French

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I would recommend Ecole Bilingue!  I would talk to them, the program they have never seemed like too much for the kids.

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Ecole Bilingue goes from 8:45am to 3:15pm (with extended care available until 6). The kids nap after lunch sometimes up for 2 hours. The day goes by fast and pretty soon your little one will want to stay past the official pick up time! They can totally handle it.