Part-time and/or online high school program

My son is currently a high school junior at an alternative high school and will only have one required course remaining as a senior (12th grade English).  He doesn’t want to remain in this program next year so we are looking for a part-time and/or online high school option for him.  Any suggestions are welcome, including gap year programs, internships, etc. (as long as he can complete his required course)!  He will be 18 in May 2024.

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Berkeley High has an Independent Study program that two of my kids did for part of their high school years.  But he would have to live in Berkeley or get a transfer.  

We had to ask our high school first, whether or not they would transfer the credit / accept the credit from a certain school/program.  For example, we know people who have been able to take a language class at community college and use those credits for their high school graduation requirements.  On the other hand, we asked our school whether they would accept classes from Tilden or Fusion as transfer credits, and they said no!  This was in Lamorinda / Acalanes Union High School District.  I don't know if that particular counselor was just being a jerk, though.  So, you might see what the school district will accept, and they may have suggestions about what will work.