SF Park to host kid's birthday party


I'm planning to host a birthday party for my daughter in June, and I'd like to ask if there's a park other parents would recommend. I live in San Francisco, so ideally I'd like to host somewhere close by but warm and not too windy. Are there any fees or permit required to host a party there? Any advices or tips will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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Two of the best parks for hosting birthday parties (and I've been to, and hosted, parties in most of them, having raised two kids in SF) are Julius Kahn and Midtown Terrace. Both have clubhouses you can rent pretty cheaply ($50-100 per hour: https://sfrecpark.org/permits-and-reservations/indoor-facilities/recreat...) and have nice playgrounds and flat grassy areas if you want a jumpy house. I would say Midtown Terrace is a bit better for younger kids, since it's very self-contained and fenced in. Other good ones that are self contained with rentable clubhouses are Grattan, Douglass, and JP Murphy. Can't help you with the fog and wind in June, but you never know :-) Good luck and have fun!

The other writer did a great job covering the parks in SF. Julius Kahn was my favorite.  The other parks I’d like to add are Michelangelo Playground and Presideo Heights Playground, both small gems.