Park in the Peninsula to host kid's birthday party


I'm planning to host a birthday party for my daughter in June, and I'd like to ask all the parents out there what parks they would recommend. Ideally I'd like to host somewhere in the peninsula where it's warm and not too windy. Are there any fees or permit required to host a party there? Any advices or tips will be greatly appreciated.



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I'm not sure how deep into the Peninsula you want to go but the park near downtown Los Altos off Foothill is beautiful.  Always lots of parties there and picnic tables.   I'm not sure if they can be reserved, but if so I assume there is a fee to do so.  Also a nice creek to play in as well as several structures.  Not too far from Draeger's where you could order the cake or other food/treats.  

Usually people choose a park near home. Assuming you are casting a wider net, Redwood City and San Carlos have good weather and plenty of parks. You pay a small fee for the rental and can book online.