Parents Decisions about Kindergarten during Quarantine

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I have a 5 year old who is supposed to be starting Kindergarten this year. I have decided to send him to another year in preschool instead because I feel he will get very little out of online learning AND both my partner and I work. My initial plan was to enroll him in Kindergarten with BUSD as well and just not really show up until (if!) in-person learning begins. But I was honest about my plan with the district and they said I need to un-enroll him and only re-enroll once he's ready to attend (ie if in-person learning starts up). So I'm planning to do that but wanted to know if any of you are in a similar boat. Does anyone know what the risks of un-enrolling could be? I fear that we won't get the school we want once in-person learning begins or there will be a different hurdle that I'm not even considering now. I do know that if he misses all of K, he'll have to start next year in 1st grade, which would not be ideal but I think I'm willing to go that route if the full year is online. Open to any thoughts, advice, or personal experiences. 


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This doesn't answer your question about un-enrolling. But, if you want to consider keeping your kid enrolled, you could ask the preschool if they'll support BUSD's distance learning program. We're in a similar boat, and I've spoken to two preschools/in-home day cares that are willing to support the morning online learning (which I feel will be enough to meet BUSD's expectations). There seems to be a high demand for this right now, and while the district isn't too flexible, I think the preschools are eager to keep parents happy.

I have a first grader, but know other kindergarten families in this situation. I think you can't have both, either keep him in preschool the full year or have him in distance education kindergarten. You can't be enrolled in K at the local school and not participate, it takes up a spot someone else could have, and makes it difficult for funding- the school gets money based on contact hours. If your kid does not participate, that's less money for the school.

I've been impressed with the distance learning plan our neighborhood public school is doing, and my kid liked the zoom kindergarten last year, we made a lot of academic progress with the live lessons, home learning, and the teacher's office hours. But I understand not every kid wants to see their friends and teacher on the screen, and I know 3 families who are staying in their in-person preschool and will just enroll in first grade next year. Other friends of ours are doing the online route for K and TK. Best of luck to your family.

Even in normal times, I've known families that kept their kids in preschool for K.  It had to with school quality although I imagine that would also allow folks to hold younger kids back.  Note that some preschools have been operating successfully through the summer and it may qualify as a childcare expense for tax purposes.

You are right, if you give up your slot either now or just no-show in the first 5 days, you lose your "favorite" school. This being said, the whole district is in distance learning until at least mid October. After that MAYBE they will switch to a hybrid mode with 2 days of outdoor schooling. First grade is demanding and there are many kids for a teacher to manage. I saw and fell very sorry for the boy who missed out on KG. While all kids were reading and sharing exciting books about the mummies, and dragons, and magic adventures, that kids was stuck reading his books with simple and repetitive sentences...He was very mad about the situation.