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 I am needing to choose from a list of Parenting Coordinators given by a court commissioner.  Our three choices are Dr. Janella Street (, Dr. Michael Donner, and Stuart Lord (   Has anyone had any experience with any of these Coordinators?  Also, in case these are somehow not available I would love any recommendations for someone who uses a more mindful approach to parenting, sincerely puts the children first and tries to slowly build trust and teach healthy communication with the parents. Honest reviews very welcome, feel free to DM.   Thank you so much.  

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I don't know these three, but I'm currently working with a recommending mediator, which is one step down from a parenting coordinator in authority. It's been a learning curve, and I realized that I was very naive and idealistic going into this process. I would caution you to temper your expectations about what a parenting coordinator or co-parenting counselor can accomplish. Unless both parents are willing to look critically at themselves, take responsibility for their own role in a dynamic, and compromise, it just becomes an expensive way to engage in the same old power struggle. In the worst cases, the parenting coordinator becomes partial to one parent. Implicit bias is real. At least, that's my experience and the experience of other single parents I know.  Best of luck to you.