Parenting coach for household routines?

I'm looking for a parenting coach to help me and my family craft and implement some new household routines including chores. We've got some aspects to life that are very demanding and challenging right now, so I'm feeling the need to partner with a consultant and help us get this other area of life on track. Seeking someone in the respectful parenting philosophy, who can guide us through routine implementation that the whole family can own together. Thanks!

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I highly recommend La Rhonda Crosby-Johnson!  She's an impeccable listener and communicator with a personality loved by all age groups.


La Rhonda Crosby-Johnson

Hi - So great you’re looking for parent coach support! I highly recommend Jenny of True North Parent Coaching. Jenny has been a wonderful resource for me and my family as we navigate rules, roles, and family happiness. You can reach her at truenorthparentcoaching [at] Website is