Parent Newsgroups for Willard or John Muir

My kids are starting at Willard (7th Grade) and John Muir (4th Grade) this month. Does anyone know of parent newsgroups/listservs for either school? The staff has been extraordinarily gracious about integrating us mid-year, and we're on the PTA mailing lists. But I expect there may be other less formal channels for embedding in the culture of the schools while everyone is remote.

Thanks in advance,


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Hi Kate,

Welcome to BUSD! We’ve been Willard parents for a few years, and there isn’t a special informal parent group that I know of. While the normal channels of getting to know other families like volunteering and special events are not possible right now, I’d suggest using Nextdoor to find other Willard families in your neighborhood to connect; feel free to email me or look me up on Nextdoor - I’d be happy to answer any questions or etc.  

We’ve loved Willard and hope your child does as well!



Hi, there is a Willard Middle School Community Bulletin Board Facebook group for parents in the Willard community that was created this year for distance learning.

It's not super active, but it's there. The normal PTA newsletter that you can sign up for on the Willard school site has all the messages about school-related info:

Welcome to Willard! Cheers,

--Mollie Boero, Willard parent