Parent-child nail salon experiences?


I’m wondering if anyone has experience getting their nails done with their toddler in the Richmond, Albany, El Cerrito, or Berkeley area? I’m imagining one of those places with the plush chairs and the fancy footbath things. My spouse thought it might be a fun Mother’s Day gift. A couple caveats — our kid is genderqueer and currently does not like things that he thinks are associated with girls (pink, especially). He enjoys wearing makeup and doing nails, and doesn’t know those are things many others would consider “girly”. He’s also a nail biter, so I’m looking for a place that would do a mani-pedi with non-toxic polishes. Does such a place exist?

Thanks for any leads or advice! 

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Marlowe in Berkeley does all non-toxic polishes and is really good about ventilation, etc. I haven't taken my kids there but I imagine they would be amazing. They are really attuned to their clients' needs.'re making me feel nostalgic! My now 22 year old daughter and I used to go to the Elmwood Nail Salon on College Avenue. It's a low key place--not pink or fancy, but very clean and pleasant. Also, it always seemed fairly quiet since there are no hair cuts and blow drys happening nearby. Later on, a fancier place opened up lower down on College closer to Ashby, lots of buzz and jam packed. I couldn't hack the fumes from the nail polish. I'm not sure that Elmwood Nail Salon has non-toxic polish. My daughter was also a nail-biter and we preferred to bring our own so she could do touch ups if she wanted them. Elmwood Nail Salon:  3836 College Ave, Berkeley: 510) 644-0526  BTW, if you're not familiar with the Elmwood, it's a lovely little neighborhood with enough restaurants and cafes to enjoy a before or after treat.

NOT Saunders and James on College in Oakland. I took my six year old for her first manicure and had a horrendous experience with the owner in terms of customer service that soured the experience for my daughter and myself. 

Check out Marlowe on 4th Street. They use non-toxic nail polish and are great!

Marlowe on Fourth Street in Berkeley checks the box in terms of non toxic polish and is also running a mothers day promo on 5/9 and 5/10 (I think for moms coming in with kids under ten though, not sure how old your child is). I’m not sure if your child would find the vibe/interior of the place too “girly” but they do have a whole array of polish colors. 

Marlowe on 4th St in Berkeley is great! I also saw that are doing some mom+mini specials mid-week.