Painting group for adult autistic son

My son is 29 and a very talented artist. He works at Creative Growth Art Center, a wonderful organization for adult disabled artists; he exhibits and sells his quirky artwork at their gallery openings.  He is autistic, very high functioning, intellectual and of course socially awkward (I guess that's the right word).  He has a lot to offer, sort of a cross between an art nerd and a Buddha, but has no outlets outside of CGAC to meet like minded/hearted people.  He's lonely and would be ecstatic finding a group of painting enthusiasts to paint with, in or outside.   Does anyone know of a casual painting group that would accept him into their fold?  Or does anyone have any ideas about forming such a group?  Please post or write to me.   

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The art studio program at the Ed Roberts Campus. Not a painting group, but some are painters. Contact the director Nick Nold at nicknold [at]