Pacific Life Program for Teenagers


Back in November I posted a query about therapeutic boarding schools for my troubled niece whom I'm legal guardian of. We are currently investigating options, and have spoken with, and plan to visit this weekend, Pacific Life Program, in Baja, California.  Do any of you have firsthand experience or knowledge of this program?   Here, I'm interested in what folks know about the level of therapeutic care, educational support, etc. Thank you!

PS: Before anyone says it, please know that I am Mexican myself, so its location is not an impediment to me.

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I have a friend whose daughter went to PLP last year due to depression and anxiety (which caused some troubling behavioral problems) and she stayed there for 10months. She is now a totally different person in a positive way. She even wants to go back to meet the therapists and staff again.

therapeutic care level is high. Lots of therapy happens there. The therapist are young so they seem to connect very well with teens. Academics are done online and only offer the basics and it is self paced (no AP, no Honors).

I don't have personal experience with that location but I have significant experience with RTCs in the states. My concerns would be about accreditation and liscencing. If your student is in high school, even the California accredited facilities don't transfer academic credits the qualify for A-G requirements. The academic rigor just isn't available.
Liscencing is specific about qualified staff. I would be especially concerned about therapeutic and medical clinicians and their qualifications. The ability to be able to prescribe medications and evaluate their efficacy, where are medications purchased from, how many hours each week is spent in individual, family, group and recreation therapy, how they may support an IEP or other ways they may collaborate with your student's home district, how they support transition planning for the return to home, what are the visit restrictions both there and away, what types of behaviors and illnesses to they treat and support, do they have many students that are judicial placements, I could go on. There are a lot of things to consider and a lot of research to do.
I would definitely visit there and plan to spend a few days, not a few hours, being in the environment. Best to get a tour from a staff member and then another tour from a student. Eat the food. See the homes. What do they do when a student is AWOL?
Are you planning on having this placement funded by the school district? This also makes a lot of difference. Have you contacted Willows in the Wind?
Best wishes.