PACE program for solar panels

We have been contacted by a energy efficiency remodeling company that is proposing to replace our roof and install solar panels under the PACE program.  We are aware that this program creates a lien on the property as we pay through our property tax installments.  We are not planning on going anywhere soon, so we don't necessarily see this as a problem.  But we are wondering about the overall charges of the program over its lifetime. We like the idea of bundling a number of projects, i.e. replace roof and install panels, with one company who handles permitting and contracting, but wonder if in the long run this is the way to go.  Does anyone have any experience with companies using this approach to finance solar or would have any other suggestions?  

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We just finish our Roof and solar installation!! 

We are so happy. We use Interstate Roofing, I'm a Realtor in Montclair and everyone in the business knows this reliable company. We financed with California First (Is that different than Pace?) Yes, we chose to pay it in 7 years and it gets attached to our property taxes. We hope the monthly cost will be similar to our electrical bill ans we are helping the environment and maybe this project will add value to our home...

We talk to different companies, but I was convinced that working with a local contractor that needs to protect his reputation ( and has been doing that for the last 20 years) was important. The prices were similar..

Feel free to contact me and I will give you all the details