Oxford afterschool programs?

Hello, we just found out our 1st grader will be going to Oxford Elementary and we're very excited to join the community!  It seems like a great school and we're hoping he finds his people there :)  We entered BUSD's 2nd lottery and I think we might be too late to sign up for LEARNS afterschool program. If so, I was wondering if anyone knows whether Oxford offers any fun afterschool classes that are not a part of LEARNS (this is our first year in BUSD so forgive my ignorance)?  We've heard afterschool programs are a great way for kids to make friends and I don't want my son to miss out.  Thanks in advance for your help and any tips! :)  

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My son was just admitted under the same circumstances exactly and to first grade! I'd love to connect more. 


Welcome to Oxford! No matter how late I've registered we've always gotten a spot in after care. They take everyone. No extra classes though. 


Welcome to Oxford!  Is your son a rising first grader, or first grader now and rising second grader?  If the former he might be in my son's class this coming year!  (There are two 1st grade classes.)  Feel free to email me if you would like to connect before school starts.

I don't know much about LEARNS because we are at the afterschool at the JCC, but I believe the first round registration for LEARNS for 24-25 is over, but the website https://berkeleylearns.asapconnected.com/ does say it will reopen June 16.  Also there is a button for adding yourself to the waitlist.  I am not aware of any classes offered by Oxford after school outside of the LEARNS program sadly, but maybe someone else who knows can correct me if I am wrong.

If you are not able to get into LEARNS, you might want to consider the JCC.  We also know some people who goes to New School for aftercare.  It's a preschool with a after school program for elementary school kids.  https://www.newschoolberkeley.org/enroll  



I don’t think it’s too late to register for LEARNS and my understanding as an Oxford parent with a kid in LEARNS is that it’s one of the few schools that can usually take all interested kids. And we’ve been happy with the program. I don’t think there are any others specifically at Oxford but some kids go to other kinds of aftercare at JCC etc. You probably won’t find out you get in until a few days before school starts. We lined up city aftercare as backup at Live Oak which buses from Oxford but were surprised to learn that getting a spot on the bus to the aftercare was not a sure thing. Send me a note if you want any more info.