Overnight (or day) Camp with Academic Focus?

My 5th grade son is somewhat interested in overnight camp, but also a little hesitant.  Camp is always a hard sell for him, so I want to find some he will really love this summer - overnight or day camp.  He tolerates all the outdoorsy stuff we do as a family, but got really excited at the prospect of some kind of camp on a college campus.  Does anyone know of any overnight "camp" programs that might be on a college campus like Cal or Stanford or Sonoma State or Davis?  Or an overnight camp program that has academic focus? He's also expressed interest in the Bay Area Writing project day camps, so I'm hoping there are some in person this year.

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I think he sounds like the ideal customer for ATDP.

CTY had some really bad last minute cancellations in summer 2022, otherwise I'd recommend looking into those programs. I think they need a rebuilding year.

My daughter loved the Great Book Summer Program (hosted at Stanford and other colleges as well).  It starts for children about to enter 6th grade, so your son is just now older enough.  Some of the sessions have a writing emphasis, but all read and discuss books (and philosophy!) My daughter found her people and looked forward to going every summer.  One caveat:  it's expensive, but for us was worth it.