Overnight camp that's comfortable for nonbinary kids?

Hi - My 13 year old would like to go to an overnight camp this summer. They're interested in City of Berkeley Echo Lake camp and are open to others. Does anyone have experience sending a nonbinary kid to overnight camp? Most places have only girls/boys cabins, but say they're welcoming of all kids. I'm wondering where kids have felt safe/accepted? My kid loves typical camp activities - swimming, campfire, crafts, hikes etc - along with music and drama - in case that helps. Thank you!

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If your child would like a specifically trans/non-binary kids' camp, just in case you don't know about it, Camp Aranu'Tiq https://www.camparanutiq.org/camp-news/ is a camp in New Hampshire specifically for non-binary and trans kids up to age 13. Perhaps they would be a good resource to find other similar or inclusive camps.

More locally, Camp Tawonga is leading the way on this type of inclusion.  They have an all-gender cabin in at least one of their sessions.  It is a Jewish camp, but non-Jews are welcome and Jewish religion is not intense or expected (many of the Jewish kids are secular). My kids have gone there for years and it's a truly wonderful camp, extremely well-run, very fun, and holds the kids very well.  Their COVID practices sound very good too. They may be filled up for this summer, but perhaps they could recommend other camps that do well with this.  They may have room specifically in the all-gender cabin, so I would call their phone number to find out.  (Also feel free to ask the moderator to contact me about this camp.)

I've heard that Trackers is welcoming to non-binary kids, but I've just heard this second-hand.

Best of luck for a safe and affirming summer for your kid!

You may want to check out the gender neutral cabin at Camp Tawonga. My kids have had wonderful experiences at Tawonga. 


Our kid was/is non-conforming in so many ways, and Camp Winnarainbow (Mendocino County) was an amazing fit.  They do all the standard camp activities, but also, it's a circus and performing arts camp - so there's lots of creative expresssion.  ALSO, they have a fantastic swimming hole.  That picture is what sold our kid on going.

Camp Tawonga has "all gender cabins" for certain sessions. It's a Jewish camp near Yosemite. My non-binary teen went there before there were all gender cabins and felt very safe and supported. Some staff is trans or non-binary.