Outdoor summer camp recommendations

I'm looking for recommendations for summer camps that are all outdoors. Trackers is full and Sarah's Science has gone bankrupt so I'm looking at other options. A few I'm considering are Kids for the Bay, Sees the Day, Hello Hills, and Cal Explorers. I can't tell if Cal Explorers is all outside from the website, or really what they do all day, but the price point is appealing! I'm also interested in learning about their COVID protocols if anyone sent their kids to any of these camps last summer. Thanks!

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My son had attended Cal Explorers camp at Strawberry Canyon the last 2 summers and their academic and camp program since July 2020 for the pandemic. The summer camp is mostly outside with a variety of sports activities including swimming. The before and after camp hours were indoors in previous years with arts and crafts, chess, etc. They do tie dye days and other fun Friday activities. They are experienced camp counselors and have been following COVID regulations since last summer.

Check out the Cal recreation summer camps. Good value, very well organized, and a lot of fun. My son enjoyed participating for years. https://recsports.berkeley.edu/youth-programs/camps-by-age-activity/

I want to highly recommend Sees the Day! Kirk  ran the elementary after care program at Prospect Sierra for many years and did an excellent job. My son attended his camp for 5+ years and also did a stint of counselor-in-training. They do lots of fun and creative outdoor activities in heavy fog or sunshine. Not sure where it will be this year, but he does a great job communicating. Plus the popsicle fairy visits on Fridays!