Outdoor summer camp for 15 year old boy

Hello, we are sponsoring a 15 year old boy and his mom from Ukraine, and I am looking for recommendations for affordable outdoors / wilderness summer camp experiences for the son. He is not an experienced camper but loves the outdoors and I think would thrive doing something like this. Camp Unalayee seems like a good option that I will look into, but I would love to hear of any others in case that doesn't work out. Thank you in advance for any recommendations. 

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My son has done several years of YMCA camps which are relatively affordable (though still not cheap). Last year he did Camp Loma Mar and enjoyed it - a pretty traditional sleepaway camp experience. A lot of camps will have 15 year olds as a "counselor in training" rather than a participant. I don't know if that would work well for someone with no camp experience (and perhaps some language barrier?). Loma Mar allows 15yo to be either participants or CITs. Camp Jones Gulch is another YMCA camp that he's done and enjoyed. They also have teen backpacking trips that sound pretty cool.

Our (now adult) kid attended Camp Chrysalis for several years, and we couldn't have been happier with the staff and the experience. They also have financial aid available. http://www.campchrysalis.com