Outdoor gymnastics

I am looking for outdoor gymnastics for my three grandchildren since covid makes indoors a worry.  If there is a coach who could go to their backyard with some equipment that would work.  They have mats, a balance beam, and a small bar.  More equipment would be good.  Alternatively going somewhere else outdoors with better equipment would work.  The kids are 10,8,5 and have been in gymnastics classes for years.

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I would be shocked if you found this.  I imagine liability for gymnastics classes is high and requires certain safety practices that you aren't going to get outdoors, especially if you are talking about kids who aren't beginners.  Uneven bars are tethered to the ground for safety, floors have spring systems under them that make moving them difficult, I could go on and on here.  Moving equipment outdoors then indoors each day so they don't degrade overnight in the dew, is time consuming and tiring, even it was possible.  Better to find a place where they have industrial garage doors that open wide for ventilation, and with fans during the day.