Outdoor East Bay Pre School for 3 year old

Hi all,

We're looking for full-time (or almost full-time) daycare for our 3 year old in the new year.  She loves the outdoors, reading and being with other kiddos and thrives in most environments.  We align most with RIE / Reggio Emilia / Montessori / Waldorf, child-centered, respectful approaches.

We live in a very covid conscious house and want to respect everyone's needs so are looking for something which is reasonably small, outdoor-based with strong parental communication and agreements.  

Does anyone have any recommendations? It's really hard to search for these kinds of covid requirements on the standard sites, and I'd love to  have some first  hand experiences to know that the school takes them seriously in practice.



Moderator note: BPN doesn't accept posts about unlicensed programs for children under 5.  There are a few outdoor programs that are not licensed. If you aren't sure whether yours is licensed, you can look it up on the BPN website - we display the license number if there is one. More info: Forest Schools and Other Unlicensed Programs for Ages 0-5

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