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Can anyone offer some reflection on their lottery spots for LAST year? My son is #156 for Fall 2019 for his first school choice (JM) :<. Did anyone get a late offer last year who was low on the waitlist? He's #12 for Thornhill and #21 for Crocker.


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What grade is this for? If it's for kindergarten, the lists moved a LOT last year, though not till April and beyond. Sadly JM does sound like a long shot, but Thornhill is definitely in play. Remember that the movement is not just neighborhood kids deciding not to attend, but also any kids who may have ranked another school higher getting into that school, creating a ripple effect down the rest of their list. The upper grades are more hit-or-miss in our (and friends') experiences, but last year they did move somewhat, though not until later in the spring as schools learned which students wouldn't be returning.

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I’m in the same boat so I have no advice from last year. Just commiseration. We’re waitlisted at Joaquin Miller as well, and waitlisted #71 at Sequoia which was our first choice. We didn’t get any of our 6 choices. Some of the waitlist numbers seem impossible. We’re in the 200s for places like Montclair. 

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I understand that movement varies quite a lot from one school to the next. We're #109 at Chabot, which was our first choice, and I don't anticipate that they'll move more than a handful off that wait list. Ditto, Cleveland, our second choice, where we're #96. Strangely, we're #8 at Sequoia, which we'd ranked lower, and so I just don't understand how the lottery process works if someone who ranked it first is at #71 (no, we're not even zoned for the school). Rather impenetrable!