OT rec for "highly sensitive" or "deeply feeling" toddler

Looking for an occupational therapist or other resources for our "highly sensitive" toddler. Archived posts are outdated or slightly off-topic.

We've only recently stumbled onto this concept but it matches most of our 2-year-old's difficult behaviors (abnormally intense and long-lasting meltdowns, easily frustrated, clingy in new social situations). I'm starting with Dr. Becky's materials--she calls this "deeply feeling kids"--but would also like to find some local, in-person support. Thank you!

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Try Full Circle OT. We’ve had really good results with our daughter. We are working with Christina Sosa. They tend to have a waiting list but if you can get an appointment it’s easier to switch to a more convenient time once you are in their system. 

Hi! Dr. Becky's book and website resources on DFK are great. We saw an OT at Child's Play Therapy in Lafayette, Elena Javier, who is WONDERFUL. The OT Butterfly (on instagram and her podcast) are also great resources for learning more about what your child might be experiencing and what kinds of tools, activities, etc might be helpful. If you haven't looked into it, I'd recommend adding "sensory/sensory processing" to your search terms (I started thinking our daughter was a DFK and it turns out she has sensory processing disorder). Everything we learned and have implemented, the OT and getting more support to enable good sleep have all lead to major progress and a lot more regulation and peacefulness for our kiddo. Things really got rocky around age 2 and she's almost 5 now... it can be so hard for you and your little one. Great that you're pursuing more support. Hang in there, wishing you all the best as you navigate.

I recommend trying Lee-Anne at Oak Bloom OT. She was incredibly helpful when my child (then 3 or 4, now 12 with well managed ADHD and sensory challenges) was having a number of challenges. Over several years she helped with emotional, sensory, attention and social regulation. She can also do observations and assessments to help identify any underlying challenges. You may need/want to go down the path of a neuropsych evaluation, though it’s hard to find ones that will take until about age 5-7. Carina Grandison is great and will assess on the younger side.

If you do OT, I’d recommend observing the sessions and trying to put the tools and techniques into practice and home/school/etc.