OT for 10 year old's hand strength/handwriting

Hi - I'm looking for an OT for my 10-year old specifically for hand strength & endurance and handwriting.  OT through the school hasn't been helpful, and we also did months of OT at Child's Play which she enjoyed but also didn't help with hands.  Would love to find someone who takes insurance but open to recs who don't take insurance.  Locations in Berkeley/Albany/El Cerrito are ideal, but open to Oakland or other locations too.  Thanks very much! 

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Liz Isono is a wonderful OT who came highly recommended by our developmental pediatrician our pediatrician, our neuropsychologist, and my psychiatrist. Liz has an office in Berkeley and one in Orinda. She can be reached at: (510) 717-1300. You may need to call back a few times before you get a response. Absolutely delightful. She worked with two of my children.