Orthodontists David Johnson & Loren Jolley

Our 7-year-old's dentist has recommended we see orthodontists David Johnson and Loren Jolley in Alameda. If you have experiences with this office, I'd love to hear about them. They seem to have good reviews elsewhere and we trust our dentist's recommendation, but I was just hoping to gather a bit more intel before we take the plunge. Given the state of our kid's teeth we are not at all surprised to be heading down the road of orthodontia, and we expect he'll need quite a bit of stuff done to get his teeth in proper order. Thanks for any feedback! 

Parent Replies

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We LOVE them! Kid #1 just finished with a BEAUTIFUL smile, kid #2 starting treatment soon. They are efficient, great at communicating, on time ALWAYS, their assistants and office staff are the BEST and they send automated phone and email reminders. Honestly, we could NOT be happier. Dr. Johnson has personally called me over the weekend about an issue, they are dedicated PLUS PLUS PLUS! They love to answer questions and will never pressure you or steer you wrong. Can't say enough good things (obviously). Good luck!

I am on the peninsula (Belmont) and 2 of my kids saw Dr. Jolley for their braces when he was located here.  We LOVED him and recommend him wholeheartedly.