Orthodontist for teen who is moving away before end of treatment

My 16.5 year old son has just been told by his dentist that he needs braces. He is planning to move overseas for college at 18, but the treatment plan calls for two years of treatment. Both of the orthodontists we have consulted are offering us a "package" plan where the price for braces and follow up is all inclusive. They are telling us that they do not offer services pro rata so we must pay for it all up front  (or sign a contract agreeing to pay for the entire treatment in payments) and abandon treatment with them at 18, and find a new orthodontist who is willing to take him for the last six months. This does not make sense to me as we would be paying twice for the last six months of treatment. Does anyone know of a reputable orthodontist who will offer pay as you go treatment?

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If his situation is not too complicated, maybe he can do it without an office. 


The paperwork from Dr. Immi Song seemed to indicate maybe a $300 transfer/abandonment fee (my terminology) but otherwise some amount representing the uncompleted portion of the treatment will be returned if already paid.  If your teen is fairly disciplined, Invisalign treatment might work even remotely since the 6-8 weeks worth of trays are provided at a time.