Orthodontia Phase Two?

My daughter had Phase One orthodontic treatment done two years ago. At the time, we were told that she may or may not need Phase Two, and if she does it will be shorter and easier because of the work done in phase one. 
Today we were informed that not only does she need Phase Two, but it will take 18 months and the cost will be $7300 + the $400 for the updated study models and xrays. 
Having already paid $5000 for phase one, I am a bit shocked. I didn’t expect the second phase to be so much more expensive than the first. The grand total for both phases comes out to almost 13,000 which seems absolutely unreasonable. 
Those of you whose children recently underwent two-phase treatment, what was the cost like for you?

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Our orthodontist said the same thing, that we might not need a phase 2.  But of course now they are saying my child will need a phase 2 which we all know is super expensive. 

However, we brought my child to my dentist, who is much more conservative and holistically minded, and she said that they did not need another set of braces. She said if we did a phase 2, it would be purely cosmetic, and totally unnecessary.  I have been going to her for over 10 years and trust her and appreciate her honesty.  If you wanted to go to her to get a second opinion, her name is Laura Lawson and is on Solano Ave.

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Yes, we got the same pep talk with our first  orthodontist. Our phase 1 for our oldest kid was over $6000 and was botched because they made a retainer when a tooth had not grown in all the way and then refused to make another when she could no longer wear it.  Needless to say, we are not returning.

But,  an advantage of having two phases is being able to spare the kid from having to lose permanent teeth. Two phases allow for palate expansion, which for one of my kids will ultimately help allow him to breathe better. Despite losing his tonsils and adenoids, he is still snoring and lagging in his growth. The second orthodontist for kid 2  said very clearly “99% chance of phase 2, and it will be more expensive than phase 1”.

My husband had braces, but only one phase that lasted from age 12-20!  Luckily, there are many more options these days, that allow for treatment to be staggered,  broken into stages, which end up costing more, but ultimately will protect teeth and gums and correct much more than just the cosmetics.

Yes, sticker shock, but there are reasons and advantages for  sucking it up and doing it. Best of luck!