Opinions on Small Size Big Mind?

I am looking for infant daycare on Alameda and I'd love to know what parents think of Small Size Big Mind. More generally I'm also curious what people consider a good/reasonable monthly price for infant daycare in the area. Thanks!

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I can't speak to Small Size Big Mind other than when I inquired about placement for my infant son in 2016 they told me they had no expected vacancies until 2021. Since I did not know I needed to reserve a daycare spot 5 years before giving birth, I have no first hand experience but I have heard good things about SSBM. As a side note, We are now at Little Lion and are very, very happy.

Both my daughters were at Small Size.  We've been there for 4 years, in the transition room and pre-k room.  It's an excellent school, very relaxed, with a lot of play but also excellent kindergarten preparedness.  My daughters were never in the infant room but highly recommend the rest of the school.

In this area, infant daycare tuition seems to range from $2200-2600 per month. 

We attend a home daycare in Central Alameda and are paying $1,100 a month, including food. The hours are 7:30 am to 5:30 pm. We started when my daughter was 5.5 month old, and she just turned 2. This is the lowest monthly rate I came across, and I was initially hesitant to sign up, but I am very happy with the service they provide and plan keeping her there until she is ready to go to preschool.