Walnut Grove or Kidsland in Berkeley?

anyone know anything about walnut grove berkeley, or kidsland addison?

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We went to the Walnut Grove and LOVED IT. A lot of these comments are pre-COVID as I'm not sure what they are doing right now. 

It has such an amazing indoor space plus the backyard and access to a park. Olivia has an amazingly curated set of toys. They are always doing really awesome open ended art projects. They serve really high quality food and incorporate the kids into growing it, harvesting it and making it. When my daughter was 2 I got out a rolling pin to make cookies and she asked if we were making pasta because they make pasta from scratch all the time. All of the staff was great. We were really heart broken when we left for preschool, however there are many kids that stay until kindergarten. I've seen many daycares in Berkeley over the years and this one is really amazing. Bonus is that it is also a good price point.

The only downside I would say is that you have to be comfortable with your kid playing at mini-park nearby (about 2 doors down). We thought that it was amazing but I could see how some people might be turned off by that.