I have cataracts that are developing, and some preliminary signs of glaucoma, and may be looking at laser surgery, etc.  I'm looking for a high quality ophthalmologist: someone who is technically great, but who also understands the value of my time, and whose number one priority is my vision and health.  I'd prefer someone in the Berkeley Area, but I prioritize quality of doctor versus location.  It seems that all the recommendations for ophthalmologists are from a few years ago, so it would be good to get some more recent recommendations.

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Robert Sorenson is who looks after my aging eyes. 

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If you can get a referral to East Bay Retina Consultants, I would recommend them. I've had a good experience with Dr. Soraya Rofagha. 

I have had to wait sometimes, and the appointments take a while because of the tests and dilation. They have very good equipment so they can get great images of your eyes.

UCB Optometry has no respect for your time, but they are competent. On the other hand, my insurance covers the exams with them, but not the detailed imaging.