Open Ended Family Vacation Suggestions?

Hello all! I'm pondering our next vacation. What has been your favorite family vacation spot/activity (preferably outside of Northern California, but somewhere in North America)?

We have a 3 and a 4 year old. We can be adventurous with them though, so it doesn't necessarily have to be an overly-kid-centric destination, although we are open to those ideas too :)  Happy with beaches, or mountains, or... anything that sounds cool & fun!

Thank you!

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Not sure what time of the year you are going, but we did a road trip through Oregon this past summer and the kids (5&2) loved it. We went to Corvallis, the beach cities, Portland then back down through Bend. Great beaches, hiking, biking, Tillamook cheese factory, river activities. Lots of options in Oregon

When our kids were that age we really enjoyed spending a week at a family camp in the Sierras. Swimming, hiking, campfires, meals provided, kid independence, low parental stress. Here are some that have been recommended on BPN:

Family camp!! It will instantly become an annual tradition that your kids will love. Try to rope in at least one other family with similar age kids.