Online low cost courses for college credit.” Straighterline”

 My niece , who lives in  a remote area in Kenya, has a BA from a Kenyan college, and wants to take math , chemistry, statistics courses online . She would like to go to nursing school in Ca in 2021, and  so while she continues to live in East Africa for the next 2 years, she was recommended “Straighterline -low cost online courses for college credit. I haven’t a clue and hope some international folks in the BPN can weigh in.   Proud Auntie 

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I'm not familiar with Straighterline, though I give a lot of advice to my middle school students about college. I would advise your niece to reach out to the admissions offices of the nursing schools she wants to apply to for 2021 and ask their advice for preparing to apply. They may have certain prerequisites that they only accept from certain accredited institutions. If they don't have advise, finding US accredited colleges or universities that offer online courses would be a strong option to prepare her. The criticism of Straighterline on Wikipedia is why I recommend talking to the schools that she wants to apply to before potentially spending money on courses that won't help her get into the schools she wants.

Yes, definitely seconding the advice of the previous poster. Most nursing schools require that chemistry be taken with a lab component, and obviously an online school cannot offer that. There is a website that helps you figure out which courses are transferrable to which universities ( but I doubt it includes international schools and maybe not online either. I hope she has reputable nursing schools in mind--stay away from for-profit schools!