Online language platform besides duolingo?

I’m looking for an alternate to Duolingo for my teen — I’m happy to pay for a subscription if there is a quality program/app out there.  Child is on the spectrum, prefers AI to a online college course. 
thank you!

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I just signed up for two "lifetime" online language subscriptions for my daughters:

Babbel for $149 through Stack Social

Rosetta Stone for $149 through an organization

I cannot tell you what the results are yet, since I purchased in the first quarter of 2020.  

But for $149 each, it is a deal.  We got tired of checking out and/or downloading language media from our local Berkeley Library.  

Good luck in your search

I have been using Mango to learn a Greek and I like it better than Duolingo. My 16 year old - on the spectrum- used Duolingo and now I-Talki to learn German. 

My son was 12 when he started using Memrise to prep for a trip to France. He greatly preferred it over duolingo.

It really depends on the language and level.  Mango is probably free through your public library, and does have more grammatical explanations than duolingo.