Online Interactive Classes for Teens this Summer?

Hello Community,

Can anyone recommend places where high schoolers can take online (ie video-taught) classes this summer?  We're looking specifically for art or other non-academic, creative, fun classes, but curious about all places offering virtual classes.


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If you have a child interested in learning coding, I recommend the Coder School in Berkeley. My 11 year old son did their  Python Start Up Camp on-line during spring break and loved it. The camp was from 9:30-2:30 with and hour lunch break. It was well run and he learned a lot.  We are going to sign up for more camps this summer.

A lot of the local camps, classes, and tutors/teachers are offering online classes. Recent posts on BPN include art, musical instruments, philosophy, circus arts, coding, creative writing, meditation, languages, singing, theater, and more! Check out these lists on the BPN website (can also be found on the BPN home page) :