Online engaging summer school suggestions for 16yo boy

Could some of you recommend a super engaging online course for my 16 yr old son to take this summer? He is an athlete & team sports may be hugely curtailed so I need a few ideas to occupy him. He’s really bright but NOT super academic & has ADHD. He loves controversy & argument so for example he’s been listening to Ben Shapiro podcasts to have something to argue with us liberal Jewish parents about (gay rights, feminism). He’s interested in economics, ethics, politics, black culture, business. I don’t care if he gets high school credit for the class but it might be incentive for him to compete for an A (he’s very competitive)! Thx

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I’ve got the answer!!     

The Practice Space, El Cerrito is holding a summer debate camp.  Either in-person or online depending on COVID-19. He’ll work with a top parli coach, who brought El Cerrito High School the state championship in 2019.  

This will be an extremely rigorous program.

See if any of the following might be of interest.  It has been my experience kids with ADHD or  who are bright and don't do well in academics really like and do exceptionally well with cybersecurity and the world of Arduino.  See if he's interested in any of the following. 

Hacker Highschool is a complete, self-guided curriculum for cybersafety and cybersecurity. It is designed for teens from 12-20 years old. HHS combines instruction written in narrative and practical exercises which can be completed with a standard computer and an internet connection to facilitate learning in a classroom or at home. (Free)

Python computer language - Your kids will learn how to create games instead of playing them.  (Free)  ($13.00) 

If you kids like building things with Legos introduce them to the world of Arduino.
Amazon sells starter kits starting at $17 with instructions full complete lessons suitable for kids 10 and up.  (Providing Amazon links to a $17 and $30 starter kit.)  Each kit contains 25 - 50 projects with over 100 hours for instructions which will keep your kids busy.